About World Trade Center Istanbul

Promoting international commerce, fostering increased participation in world trade by developing nations, and encouraging opportunities for cooperation among its members, developing and improving the World Trade Center services and concept are the fundamental objectives of the World Trade Centers Association.

World Trade Centers operate in such areas as providing commercial information and market research services, organizing trade delegation programs, operating the fair areas within their organization, leasing of office, convention and meeting halls, and providing accommodation services in hotels within their organization. World Trade Centers that have made significant contributions in fostering global trade, offer entrepreneurs unbounded opportunities while bringing countries closer, contributing to world peace.

The facility of World Trade Center Istanbul includes 11 fair halls, named Istanbul Expo Center and covers a total area of 98.000 m² where an average of 100 national and international fairs are held each year; the Business Center comprising three 17 storey plazas with a shopping center & food court on an area of 18.000 m²; the 4-star WOW Airport hotel that has a total bed capacity of 1250, the 5-star WOW Istanbul hotel and the giant WOW Convention Center with a capacity of accommodating 4000 people.

About Istanbul Expo Center: “Be at the Center of Fairs!”

Istanbul Expo Center, which was founded with the goal of making Istanbul the world capital of exhibitions, owns the biggest fairgrounds in Turkey.

Istanbul Expo Center (IFM) covers WTC Istanbul’s largest exhibition area. The center stretches over 249.000 m² and the overall rentable area is 98,000 m² consisting of 11 exhibition halls. 8 of these halls are run by WTC Istanbul’s tenant CNR Expo, the rest (9-10-11) operated by WTC Istanbul. By taking Turkish exhibition organizations beyond world standards, WTC Istanbul profoundly strives to make Istanbul the capital of the exhibition world and currently plays host to approximately 100 exhibitions each year.

WTC Istanbul proudly possesses the biggest fair ground in Turkey and its close regions in terms of size and rentable expo halls. In connection with WTC Istanbul, the exhibitions held in Istanbul Expo Center (IFM) attract hundreds of thousands of visitors, which open up new markets and opportunities for companies in global context.

In addition, IFM launches IFM TV, an online service which broadcasts the exhibitions and the other events that take place in its facilities.

  • Istanbul Expo Center is the biggest fairground in Turkey.
  • Approximately 100 exhibitions are organized annually.
  • There are 11 exhibition halls in the 249.000 m² of land.
  • Istanbul Expo Center is owned by World Trade Center Istanbul, which is part of a global network of World Trade Centers Association that owns the licenses of more than 300 World Trade Centers in 100 countries.
  • Located next to the Ataturk International Airport, and neighbour to WTC Istanbul Business Towers, WOW Hotels and WOW Convention Center.