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Our Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy

  • To provide opportunities and opportunities for entrepreneurs operating in the fair organization sector, both at national and international level, to encourage the competitive environment and to lead those in the sector.
  • To ensure the integration of institutions and companies with the world through international cooperation organizations in order to increase the representation and competitiveness of the Turkish economy in the world.
  • To contribute to the development of the country by supporting international investors to make new investments in our country.
  • To ensure customer satisfaction with space rental, technical support, after-leasing services and to make it sustainable.
  • To increase our productivity by working in mutual trust with our service providers that we cooperate with.
  • To continuously follow the changes in the field of technology and the sector and transform them into added value without wasting time.
  • Setting new targets for each year and working towards these targets.
  • To receive continuous training to ensure personal development.
  • Working without giving up on the quality management system and conditions.
  • To continuously improve and develop the quality management system.

 As Istanbul Expo Center, we will strive for continuous improvement by fulfilling the requirements of our responsibilities in accordance with all these principles, laws and regulations, which are the keys to achieving our quality goals. We commit to all our service providers, customers, suppliers and employees.