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International Smart Building Technologies and Electrical Systems Exhibition (A-TECH) 2024
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International Smart Building Technologies and Electrical Systems Exhibition (A-TECH) 2024

About the Exhibition

With the increase in personal needs in buildings in recent years, technology has led us to smart building systems and electrical items that are more useful and easily interfered with for housing in order to make the lives of individuals easier.

While smart homes and buildings enable people to develop their original living standards, they offer a more comfortable, safe and useful life style. Therefore, this situation, which has become an important issue for people in recent years, has created the need for a specialization fair in our country, the scope of which includes only electrical applications in buildings and facilities. In this direction, we decided to organize the A-Tech Fair with the support of the Housing Development Administration (TOKİ) and Emlak Konut Real Estate Investment Trust.

A-Tech Fair, which will bring together the manufacturers, distributors and users of the Smart Building Technologies and Electricity sector, is also on its way to becoming one of the most important fairs in Turkey that brings together the public institutions and the private sector.

When urban transformations and increasing population increase the demand for housing and buildings, the sector dynamics of companies producing and distributing building materials also took action. Aiming to take an active role in the world of the future with its rising potential, domestic companies that will take Turkey to the next level in high-tech electricity and energy systems can exhibit domestic technology at the A-Tech Fair.

The events to be held during the fair and the theoretical and practical presentations of experts and academics will also make the fair the summit of the sector.

A-Tech Fair, which has been supported by TOKİ from the project stage to the present, has also reached an important fair feature that is followed by being supported by many “Non-Governmental Organizations” and “Sectoral Publications”.

Our main goal is to increase the number of participants and visitors in the A-Tech Fair, which will be followed and visited by companies, institutions and organizations from many regions of Turkey, in the electricity sector, and thus to make it one of the most important fairs in the world.

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