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AYSAF 2024 - Footwear and Sub-Industry Exhibition (2)
Artkim Fuarcılık Tic. A.Ş.

AYSAF 2024 - Footwear and Sub-Industry Exhibition (2)


AYSAF Fair, which will host its visitors at the Istanbul Expo Center, will bring together the leading companies in their fields from all over the world. The fair will be a pioneer in providing new business deals and will offer participating companies the opportunity to meet with local and foreign visitors.

AYSAF Fair, which has made significant contributions to exports in the field of footwear and sub-industry for years, will play an active role in delivering innovative products and services to a wide audience and establishing new sectoral business connections.

AYSAF offers an ideal platform for the sector to meet the needs of shoe sole systems, leather, artificial leather, textile, eva, metal and plastic accessory products, chemicals, adhesives, machinery, equipment and production technologies; ”Fashion Starts in the Sub-Industry, breaking new ground on the way it started, will once again serve as an important bridge between the manufacturer and the buyer by providing a different fair experience to the exhibitors and visitors with the Shoe Sub-Industry Product Fashion Show and events.

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Footwear Sub-Industry Products, Accessories, Leather, Artificial Leather, Sole, Textile, Machinery, Institutional Representations and Magazines


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